Horoscope Report

Horoscope Report

Name Brittany Petros
Sex Female
Date and Time of Birth 09-09-1983, 10:38:00 AM, Friday
Place of Birth Robbinsdale, MN
Latitude, Longitude, Time Zone 42:00 N,93.34 W, (GMT - 6:00W)
Sunrise 05:28:34 PM
Sunset 06:08:41 AM
Malayalam Date (Kolla Varsham) 1159 Chingam 23
Astrological Day Thursday
Janma Nazhika After Sunset 71 Nazhika 9 Vinazhika
Kalidinam 1857121
Nakshatra, Pada Atham, 4
Nakshatra Ganam, Name Letter God, (Pu,Sha,Na,Tta)
Nakshatra Yoni Female
Thithi Tritiya, Sukla Pasha
Karana Tatila
Nithya Yoga Shukla
Lagna Rasi, Lagna Lord Vrisha, Venus
Birth Rasi, Rasi Lord Kanya, Mercury
Ayanamsa 023:37:43
Sidereal Time 021:57:59
Dasa balance at Birth Moon 1 Years 5 Month 13 Days



Planetary Position

Planet Deg.:Min.:Sec. Rasi Rasi Lord Deg.:Min.:Sec. Nakshatra Pada Dir
Lagna 059:15:45 Vrisha Venus 29:15:45 Makairam 2 Dir
Sun 142:19:44 Simha Sun 22:19:44 Pooram 3 Dir
Moon 171:23:35 Kanya Mercury 21:23:35 Atham 4 Dir
Mars 113:19:56 Karkata Moon 23:19:56 Aayilyam 2 Dir
Mercury 154:37:28 Kanya Mercury 04:37:28 Uthram 3 Ret
Jupiter 220:00:11 Vriscika Mars 10:00:11 Anizham 3 Dir
Venus 120:17:11 Simha Sun 00:17:11 Makam 1 Ret
Saturn 187:45:53 Tula Venus 07:45:53 Chothi 1 Dir
Rahu 056:55:36 Vrisha Venus 26:55:36 Makairam 2 Ret
Ketu 236:55:36 Vriscika Mars 26:55:36 Thrikketta 4 Ret
Mandi 013:09:28 Mesha Mars 13:09:28 Aswati 4 Dir
Uranus 221:46:04 Vriscika Mars 11:46:04 Anizham 3 Dir
Neptune 242:46:54 Dhanus Jupiter 02:46:54 Moolam 1 Dir
Pluto 184:20:23 Tula Venus 04:20:23 Chithra 4 Dir


You are proud, determined, patient and practical. You are firm, slow, plodding, persisting, persevering and fact finding by nature. You would be slow but steady and hence would succeed in reaching their goals. You do not build your ideas on day dreams. Once you take a decision you stick on to it at all costs. You take your decisions only after intensive thinking. You are dogmatic, diplomatic and desirous of comforts and material acquisition. You are described as conservative, stubborn and sometimes unenthusiastic and non-enterprising. You are slow to anger but when raged you turn violent and furious and will not cool down quickly. You are reliable, trustworthy and join in hands with others at work. You are good to your friends. You usually think straight and do not generally resort to crooked methods. You have a healing touch and can help those who are depressed nervous, irritable or weak. Your unusually stubborn attitude may at times cause reversals and create miserable situations. you are not easy to be understood by others. You will have taste for fine arts, music, dance or dramas. In conclusion you are said as passive, fruitful, laborious, proud and obstinate in nature. You have liking for warm and tasty dishes (mostly sweets).

PHYSICAL FEATURES : You will be strong and determined; will be of medium body, handsome with broad forehead, of prominent neck and will have bright eyes, and black hair. The face will be of attractive shape. A strong body, ability to suffer pain and tendency to secretly suffer diseases are some of your characteristics.

FORTUNE TREND: As a steady and practical person you can acquire wealth and save easily. You have a strong desire for money and landed properties. Moreover, your materialistic attitude, planned and firm ideas can bring you good fortune, yet disputes or legal matters, employment disturbances, commitments after marriage may deteriorate a part of you wealth. But gains through the influence of an affectionate person or friend is helping in your way. Even speculation is not of much adverse in your case. You can save hard cash and you are not a spendthrift or generous by mere flattery. You can build you property steadily.

SEX OUT LOOK AND LOVE : Though strong in passion you are not too emotional. Physically you are by nature attracted to opposite sex. You are firm and faithful in matters of love and marriage. After marriage your happiness is disturbed by relational enemies. Your sign indicates generally troubles during or after marriage. Your partner will be of moderate height, quick in walking, authoritative, stubborn and decisive. Usually equal rights and shared, as bossing over each other is bit difficult. There will be restless activities and short temperament which may cause occasional quarrels but finally concluded happily. Your children will be well educated and lead a prosperous life. You would show a high standard and honesty in love affairs.

HEALTH AND DISEASES: By nature you are a healthy person with long life. Physically you have good resistance to diseases. Spleen, liver and kidneys are weak parts of your body. So stones in kidney, liver disorders, kidney troubles may occur. Sharp instruments or domestic animals may cause wounds and danger. Tonsillitis or throat-soar are common occurrences in many born under this sign. You can keep good health by proper diet, and giving up your stubborn egoistic attitude.

FRIEND AND ENEMIES : You will have many friends. One of your close relative or friend influences to your progress. Many friends are of unsteady nature and a few will turn inimical. Your enemies are open and their secrets and tactics are well known to you. None remains as a permanent enemy or keeps his revenge for a long run. Enemies in relational circle is definitely observed but no danger to life is caused by them.

PROFESSIONS : Since your birth sign signifies universal finance, you are best suited for profession where money is involved in direct sense. Banking, stock exchange, treasury, speculative activities, artistic and literary pursuits, diplomatic positions, pawn brokers, executives, agriculture, estate agents, gold and silver dealers, import and export of luxurious articles, vehicles or automobile dealers, car trade, dealer of musical instruments, silk and yarn merchants, sweetmeat shops, broker of cattle sales etc. are some of suitable jobs you are fit for. You are also fit to become a good actor, cinema star or a musician.

POPULARITY KEY : You are successful in talking to people by practical grace and appeal. The one thing which you should avoid is to keep your talk free from small things, than to broaden your inspiring ability before expression. Then you can keep our people spell-bound with confidence. Any how your are good at listening to others than to talk. Seriousness while talking leads you to forget or break the connection of the topic. Since you are slow and steady, your expression of words are clear without haste. But avoid too slow speech to prevent boring.

IMPORTANT YEARS in your life are 18, 22, 26, 31, 35, 42, 51 and 57.

FAVORABLE MONTHS are 15th January to 14th April

FAVORABLE DAYS are Friday, Wednesdays and Saturdays

FAVORABLE DIRECTIONS are South and South West

FAVORABLE COLOURS are Parrot Green and Dark Blue


FAVORABLE STONES are Emerald or Blue Sapphire

FAVORABLE METALS are Iron, Lead or Alloy and Silver

UNFAVORABLE MONTHS are 14th July to 14 August, 14th December to 14th January, and 14th April to 14th May

UNFAVORABLE COLORS are Yellow and Red.

UNFAVORABLE DAYS are Monday, Tuesday before Sun set and Friday after Sun set


UNFAVORABLE NUMBERS are 1, 2, 3 and 9